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IRS Audit

We are specialized in IRS Audit and IRS Notice Services. We have settled down with IRS hundred of cases.

If you have received any IRS notices or examination letters, do not pay to the IRS right away. The IRS assessment is not necessarily accurate tax liability.

You can hire a tax expert just like me or you have some work to do to prove that what you reported on your Tax return was correct according to IRC, Revenue Regulation or IRS case law.

 However, do not pay to the IRS until you make sure yourselves that you are paying your fair share accurately.

An IRS audit may become a tax liability only if you:

  • Agree with the proposed changes the IRS is making during an examination.

  • You have not responded to the notice by the IRS deadline.

  • You did not provide the IRS with supporting financial record your original return has.

To make sure you are paying your accurate tax liability. We are here to help you.  We will make sure your expenses, deduction, and credits are within the legal frameworks.

3 New Regulatory Laws You Should Know

February 2, 2023



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